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Christmas Eve

Working on my many projects today. Just one week until I start working on my longest project to date. Starting on January 1st I’ll be making a temperature blanket.

Basically the whole idea of this blanket is that you assign a certain yarn color to correspond with a temperature range. Then you crochet a row a day using the yarn color that corresponds with the temperature of the day. It turns out looking really fun.

I chose to make this blanket over the course of a year (January 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017). I’m so excited to start working on it.

In the mean time I have a different blanket I’m trying to work on. It’s a queen sized basket weave blanket. I’ve already used easily over 50 skeins of yarn and I’m just over half way done. I have way more to go. Many more trips to this place.

This is the local hobby lobby. I basically live in this store. My favorite place to build my yarn stash.

I’ll post pictures of my projects soon.


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