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My name is Lori…

I got into knitting when I was in college. It was something to do while watching movies. I quickly became addicted.

Eventually I learned to crochet. After my mom passed away, crochet became a way to connect with her. She spent a lot of time making doilies. It was her favorite thing to crochet.

My mom was very important to me. She saw me through some of my best and worst times. She was amazing. Now, all I have of her is the same love of working with yarn to create gifts or nice things for my home. Every time I pick up a hook I feel like she’s with me, watching the same TV shows and movies.

I now have a large collection of yarn and have a habit of buying more every time I’m near Hobby Lobby. I made the comment to a friend about how I should really go to a meeting. That’s how I ended up with the name for this blog.

This blog isn’t just for knitters, I’ll have crochet patterns and ideas as well.

This is for people like me who could use a place to go and find new project ideas or input some ideas. We’re all addicted to our craft. My name is Lori and I’m a yarn addict…


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