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Today is a slow day for me. A very lazy day with not much to do. So I decided to crack open a cookbook an make some cookies. So I grab the book that is the guide book to my spirit animal. “Eat Like a Gilmore” by Kristi Carlson.

I decided to make the rocky road cookies. They looked good in the show and they sounded good today so why not.

The recipe calls for the cookie sheets to be lined with parchment paper. Well, I didn’t have that at first, and I barely had aluminum foil. Absolutely needed parchment paper… The first batch was a little rockier than I had anticipated. They stuck to the foil.

So, I then sent my husband to the store to get parchment paper. They started to look better after that. Now that I’m making cookies from the book it’s time to watch some Gilmore Girls an knit. I have to get caught up on my temperature blanket and finish my shawl from my yarn box.

Dinner tonight is one of my favorite foods. It’s something my mom used to make especially when it was cold out. Tomato soup and dumplings. A great way to end a great day!

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Yarnbox Knitting Take 2

I was so disappointed in myself that I had to stop the pattern and frog it. I was crying the entire time I was ripping out the stitches that I slaved over for a week. However, I couldn’t fix the amount of problems that arose from me not paying attention to the pattern. I always ended up with one stitch too short regardless of the measures I took to fix it.

Memo to self: I don’t know better than the pattern!


(The aftermath)

I did start working on it again though, and it’s going so much smoother already. I’m excited about it again.


I think it looks way better than it did when I started originally.

Sometimes just frogging the yarn is so much better and easier than trying to fix any mixups. That’s something I had to learn the hard way when I first started knitting. Even though I have make a lot of mistakes, and I’ve frogged a lot of yarn, I still love this craft.

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Yarnbox February!

I got the box last night but I was so tired by the time I got home from work that I didn’t even notice that my husband brought the box inside. So, I woke up this morning to a surprise.

It’s more beautiful than I thought it was going to be! I’m so excited.

This is the knitting pattern it came with.

And the crochet pattern. I’ll be using the knitting pattern for this yarn.

There’s a card that explains the yarn that they sent me. Already I’m in love with it. 100% superwash merino wool!

This is the yarn! I love this color and it’s super soft and smooth. It’s going to be so great to work with! Sport weight so not very thin but not thick either. Colorway is “Wild Keet”. I can’t wait to wind it up and start working with it!

I can’t wait for next month!